Row the Prouty takes place on the beautiful Connecticut River, and, NEW THIS YEAR, will launch from the Kendal Riverfront Park rowing docks at 84 Lyme Road, Hanover. The Kendal Riverfront Park site will be open for trailer and boat drop-off and parking from 4-7pm on Friday, July 13, and beginning at 7:30 am on Saturday, July 14. On Saturday morning, the dock opens for the first launch at 8:00 a.m.

Like other Prouty events, Row The Prouty is not timed, nor is it considered a “race.” You can choose your own distance—5, 10, or up to 15 miles, in an “out and back” format. Mile marker buoys mark the distances. No need to pre-select a launch time, but all rowers must be off the river by 1pm. Bring your own rowing shell - there is parking for trailers and cars, as well as room to store shells overnight (bring your own slings!).

There are two land-based “Stop-And-Go” (SAG) stops, one at the start/finish area and the other, with a dock and slings for your boat, at the half-way point (around 7.5 miles). It is equipped with amazing food, water, Port-o-Johns, Gatorade, sunscreen, band-aids and basic tools. There are two motorized Prouty Safety Launches on the river which can provide water, snacks, tools and medical supplies.

After your row, you can walk to the Prouty event site at the Richmond Middle School, where you can enjoy the all-day Prouty Party with other Prouty participants.

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