FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions

Prouty Ultimate participants, only, are offered complimentary Dartmouth College dorm room accommodations on Friday, July 13.

When and where is The Prouty™?

Where do I park for The Prouty?

  • Parking is dependent on your event! You can find out where to park here.

Where can I rent a bicycle for The Prouty?

  • Bike rentals and deal can be found here.

How much does it "cost" to do The Prouty?

  • Please click here for registration fees and minimums.

If I'm cycling, when should I start?

  • This will depend on your route and your pace. Click here for suggested start times.

What is a "SAG"?

  • “SAG” stands for “stop and go” and is an official rest area. There is SAG support on all of The Prouty events, both land and water routes. Click here to learn more about SAGs and where they’re located.

Am I allowed to bring my dog to The Prouty?

  • Please review the Puppy Protocol and ensure you register your dog at the Dog Wrangler tent on event day.

If I sign up for one of the walk events can I run/jog instead of walk?

  • You can jog, but we don’t encourage running. The courses are heavily trafficked with walkers, plus the SAGs are not spaced to accommodate the frequent water needs of runners.

Is The Prouty a race?

  • Neither the bike, rowing or walk events are timed or considered races.

Can I have someone else pick up my bib number/bike plate?

  • As long as you have met your minimum fundraising requirement, you can have someone else pick up your bib number or bike plate.

Can my family also be on a team?

  • Unfortunately, no. Our new registration system does not allow you to join both a family and a team.

Do I need to add all of my family members at the same time?

  • Family members can be added at any time during/or after your registration process.

Can I still start a team after I have registered?

  • Yes, you can do this in your Participant Center. Please log in and follow the instructions on your homepage

Can some of my family sign up for the Ultimate or Row The Prouty and some sign up for The Prouty?

  • Yes, each family member can sign up for different events or the same event by selecting the appropriate registration type and event on the registration form.

Can I be the emergency contact person for my child who is doing the event with me?

  • Yes

Where do I, or my friends, send donations or sponsorship checks?

  • Send checks to: Friends of NCCC, One Medical Center Drive Lebanon, NH 03756. Make checks payable to DH-H Prouty.  The name of the person sponsored should be written in the memo line of the check, or in a note accompanying the check.

Who should the check be made out to?

  • Make checks payable to DH-H Prouty. The name of the person sponsored should be written in the memo line of the check, or in a note accompanying the check.

What if I have cash donations?

  • If at all possible, it is best to bring cash donations to our offices on the 8th floor of the Rubin Building Norris Cotton Cancer Center. You can also get a cashier’s check or money order for these donations. If you are collecting cash from your sponsors make sure to get their addresses so they can be sent an acknowledgment of their gift. Contact our offices (info@theprouty.org) to be sent a contribution form to keep track of donation information.

Can I write a check for all of the cash donations that I have collected?

  • Yes and no: if you do this you will be the one getting the tax recognition and not the donors. This is a government regulation that we cannot change. We suggest that you bring in the cash with the names and addresses of the individual donors, then each of the individual donors will be sent an acknowledgment. Email info@theprouty.org for the offline contribution collection form, offline donation form and Prouty donor receipt.

For donations and tax purposes, what town is the official location for The Prouty?

  • Even though The Prouty event location is at the Richmond Middle School in Hanover, for tax purposes, the official “city” for Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center is Lebanon, NH with a zip code of 03756.

Is it true that all participants must return to The Prouty venue no later than 4pm?

  • YES! All cyclists and walkers need to return to The Prouty venue no later than 4pm, as all emergency services and road support will not be provided after that time.

Can you tell me more about The Prouty Late-Day Safety Plan and who will be affected?

  • Despite the best of intentions, a rider may not have anticipated just how long their ride will take in order to reach Prouty home base by 4pm. So, we’ve designed a system of Redirect Checkpoint(s). If riders haven’t reached the checkpoints by the designated cutoff time, we’ll be redirecting them to a shorter, more manageable route, to ensure their 4pm return. Prouty Redirect Locations & Cutoff Times: 50 Mile Route Orford, NH, Rte. 10 @ 1pm 50 Mile Route Fairlee, VT Rte. 5 @ 2pm (Southbound) 77 & 100 Mile Route Orford, NH, Rte. 25A @ 10:30am 100 Mile Route Brushwood Road @12:30pm

What do I do with my car?

  • Click here to review parking for The Prouty Ultimate. Please note, there are different options for each day.

Can I get a ride from the Dartmouth dorms to the Pasta Supper on Friday?

  • The pasta supper is 1.3 miles from the Dartmouth dorm. There are shuttle buses running to the pasta supper from the Dewey Parking Lot (a short 5 minute walk), starting at 4pm and running every 15 minutes or so through 8pm.

If I raise $2,500 as a Prouty participant can I ride in the Prouty Ultimate?

  • Yes, but to change your Prouty registration to an Ultimate you must call The Prouty offices at 800-226-8744. Ultimate participants pay a non-refundable registration fee (not included in your fundraising total). If you want to secure a Prouty Ultimate bike jersey for the day of the Ultimate you will need to register and let us know your jersey size by April 3. The absolute deadline to register and to ride in the Ultimate is July 1st. Click here for more information on The Prouty Ultimate.

What are the dorms like at Dartmouth?

  • They are lovely and air-conditioned! Thursday and Friday night, housing at Dartmouth College will be at Andres Dorm. Linens are provided. Parking is available at Lot A and the bikes will be housed overnight at the dorm. The cost of housing on Thursday night at Dartmouth is $65. Friday night dorms are included in the registration fee. Event Headquarters on Thursday and Friday morning is at the Hanover Inn, this is also where pre-event check in will be held.

Do you have mechanics on the road from Hanover on Day 1 of the Ultimate?

  • We will have technical support riders (on bikes) who will ride interspersed amongst participants on Day One. These riders will wear distinct color jerseys to be easily identified. There will also be technicians roving the course in vehicles to help stranded bikers or bikers with more significant mechanical problems. We encourage all riders to take advantage of the free bike inspection which will take place Thursday afternoon at Andres dorm from 4-6 pm, or at the start area on Friday morning, 5-5:45 am. We have found that most issues arise in the first 10 miles.

Can I ride less than 100 miles on Saturday in The Prouty?

  • We’ve found that many Ultimate participants join their family and friends in a shorter distance on Day Two. There is no requirement to ride the full 200 milesthat’s up to you, but please note we don’t have a shorter option for Day One.

Who can Row The Prouty?

  • Fixed and sliding rowing shells are eligible to row The Prouty, but please note that you must provide your own rowing shell/scull.

What is the rowing event format? Is it a race?

  • No, Row The Prouty is not a race. Rowers can choose their own distance, up to 20 miles.  For more information, click here

Are other paddlers (in a canoe, kayak, or paddle boats for example) able to participate?

  • Only fixed and sliding rowing shells can be used.

I'd like to row in a four or an eight. Does The Prouty organize boats and/or lineups?

  • You need to work with your local club to organize boats, lineups, and other details such as transportation.

Uh-oh. I already registered for The Prouty and selected rowing as my event, but I now realize I don't meet the criteria above.

  • No problem, you may change your event selection yourself by going to your Prouty HQ and “Edit my profile.” Or you can contact us at 800.266.8744 or email us.

Will the event be cancelled if the weather is bad?

  • Like all regattas, the event may be cancelled, delayed, or shortened if the conditions are dangerous. This generally is limited to lightning, thunder, or high winds. The money that you have raised to participate in the event, however, will still be put to good use in the fight against cancer! The Prouty Party will take place regardless of the weather. You always have the option to participate as a walker if you do not row.

Is there a registration deadline?

  • Registration for rowers will close on the last Wednesday before the event.

When and where should I pick up my participant bib number?

  • All local rowers as well as those rowers who are registered for Row The Prouty as a member of a family (and anyone else who is able) must attend the Friday (noon 8pm) packet pick-up at the Richmond Middle School (RMS). At this time rowers will pick-up their bibs, information packets, and ProutyGear, and also submit any additional donations confirming that fundraising minimums have been met. Saturday packet pick-up and donation submission at the boathouse will be extremely limited, but will be available for anyone traveling from out of the area.

Can rowers participate in the free Pasta Dinner Party on Friday night and the All Day Prouty Party on Saturday at RMS?

  • Yes! Prouty rowers are encouraged to join The Prouty festivities. The free Pasta Dinner Party is from 5-8pm on Friday at RMS coordinate with your friends, pick up your bib, info packet, etc. and enjoy a free pasta dinner. On Saturday, after you have completed your row, take the free shuttle bus back to the RMS Prouty event site for the all-Day Prouty Party. Return transportation to the boathouse parking lot will also be provided. RMS is located approximately 2 miles from the Dartmouth boathouse.

Where may I park to Row The Prouty?

  • Click here for information on parking for rowers. This includes where you can park your trailers.

How do I get to the boathouse?

If I'm rowing, what time should I start?

  • Boats may launch after 7am. You will choose a launch time when you check in with the event director at the boathouse Saturday morning. All rowers must return to the dock by 1pm. You must plan your launch time accordingly.

Why do I need to choose a launch time?

  • We have limited dock space and we don’t want you to wait in a long line to get on the water! Depending on the size of the boat, we can launch up to 8 boats simultaneously.

I picked up my packet and bib number on Friday. Do I need to check in on Saturday morning?

  • Yes, prior to launching you must check in at the boathouse with the event director to get a bow number and choose a launch time.

I wasn't able to pick up my packet on Friday. What do I do?

  • We STRONGLY encourage Friday pick-up. For those who cannot make the Friday pick-up, on Saturday you should GO TO THE BOATHOUSE to pick-up your bib number, packet, and make additional donations. After you pick up your packet, you must then check in with the event director to choose a launch time.

Is this a traditional golf tournament?

  • Not exactly. Click here to learn about the format of our golf event.

Do you need to have a foursome to play?

  • No, you can register by yourself or with another player but then you will be assigned to a foursome or another two-person team.

Does the whole foursome need to register at the same time?

  • No, you only need to register at the same time if one person is paying the golf fees for the whole team.

Why do I have to pay the registration fee if I am a member of the Hanover Country Club?

  • As our computer system is not able to have only some golfers register with a fee, we have everyone register with the $50 fee. When you register you will be asked if you are a member and whether you would like your $45 greens fee refunded or whether you’d like to donate it to The Prouty.

Is there a foursome captain?

  • There should be one person who is responsible to lead his/her foursome, to get them information as it comes available, to inform our offices of any changes in the roster, and to get the foursome to the club on time for their tee off.

When will we hear about our assigned tee time?

  • One to two weeks before the event.

Can I change members of our foursome once I have a tee time?

  • Yes, but you we will need to contact us at 800-226-8744 or info@theprouty.org.

Do we have to fundraise if we are golfers?

  • Yes, all golfers have a minimum fundraising requirement of $150 like any other Prouty participant. Your registration fee is not included in the $150.

How can I volunteer?

What are the volunteer assignment options?

  • Click on “Volunteering” on the left-hand navigation bar or at the top of the Home page click on “Volunteer” and you will see a comprehensive list of volunteer jobs at the bottom of the form. Please check all that you may be willing to do, and, then you will be contacted by a staff member to arrange your assignment.

Do I need to register online to volunteer?

  • We ask that all volunteers sign-up online and then you will be contacted once the needs for this year have been finalized in the spring. Signing up online with your preferences will help us know which area and shift you should be assigned to and provides us with contact information for you and your emergency contact person. Additionally, those signed up online and working at the event site on event day will receive a parking pass (emailed in early July), and important updates, and Prouty news which will keep you informed about any last-minute event changes.

Can I volunteer AND participate?

  • Some volunteers participate in The Prouty and volunteer before or after their event that day, others volunteer for set-up the week before The Prouty or help with inventory the week after, and of course anybody can participate virtually! All participants are expected to meet their fundraising minimums and must register as a participant separately from their volunteer sign-up.

What if I've been assigned to a volunteer job by an Area Captain or Organizer?

  • If you’ve been recruited for a job by an Area Captain you should still register online. During the registration process you will need to indicate that you have been pre-assigned, then you must enter the name of the person who assigned you in the notes field at the bottom of the form.

What is an Area Captain?

  • An Area Captain is a high-level volunteer who is in charge of managing a particular aspect of The Prouty (for example, we have a parking Area Captain).

Why don't I see options to volunteer for Registration or SAG stations?

  • We are fortunate to have volunteers who have been working in these roles for years and we typically don’t need to recruit for those at this time.

Is there a minimum age for volunteers?

  • In order to volunteer independently you must be age 14 or older but this will depend on the job and is up to the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator. Younger volunteers must be accompanied by an adult and be able to work responsibly alongside the adult so that they don’t need the full attention of the adult.

What if I am uncomfortable with my assignment once I am working?

  • We want volunteers to have a positive, productive experience while helping out at The Prouty. If you find yourself uncomfortable once you have begun your assignment make sure and let your supervisor know so that they can work with you to find a resolution that you feel comfortable with. If your assignment does not have a supervisor or your supervisor is unable to modify your assignment to resolve the situation, report to the Volunteer Tent at the event site so that we can assist you. There is much hard work to be done to make The Prouty happen and we greatly appreciate your taking on tough assignments as needed in order to achieve a great event but we want you to be healthy and happy in the process so please take care of yourself and let us know if you need help!

How do I register to be a virtual participant?

  • Click the Register button and select Virtual as your registration type!

What is the fundraising minimum for virtual participation?

Can virtual participants form a team or participate as a family?

  • Virtual participants can join or start teams and enjoy the camaraderie as they work with friends and family to reach group fundraising goals. Virtual participants can also choose “Family Registration”

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