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Ways to Prouty: Volunteer

Our volunteers have a huge impact on The Prouty™ and we are fortunate to have more than 1,200 each year to help make it happen. Please register yourself by clicking the blue button to the right.  

Volunteering for the Prouty:


  • Volunteer registrations are only accepted online. Please register as a participant and choose “Volunteer” as your participation time. You will be requested to answer a short list of questions that will assist us in finding you the right volunteer opportunity for this year’s Prouty.
  • If possible, we ask that our volunteers register by April Assignment scheduling begins in late April so we would sincerely appreciate it if you can register in our system prior to this process starting
  • If you are assigned to a job by an Area Captain or Organizer, or know you will be, please indicate that you “have been/expect to be contacted”on the registration form and only indicate other job interests if you are seeking an additional assignment.
  • We encourage you to sign up for more than one shift if you’re able (many participants also volunteer before or after their event!). The Prouty™ needs some helping hands the week before and a few days after the event during weekday hours.
  • In order to volunteer independently, children must be age 14 or older and assignments will depend on the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator. Younger volunteers must be accompanied by an adult and be able to work responsibly alongside the adult so that they don’t need the full attention of the adult.

Massage Therapists:

  • On Friday & Saturday, The Prouty Ultimate team members are offered massage between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. We will need 8-10 massage therapists.
  • On Saturday, we will be hosting a second massage tent to support all other cyclists between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. We will need at least 14 massage therapists- and everyone will be busy!

Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of three hours. After completing Registration, the area captain will contact you with details related to the massage areas and to "THANK YOU" for volunteering your time and talents!

Please Note:

  • Most Prouty jobs are physical and may take place outside, please dress in comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather (rain gear, if necessary) and suitable footwear (NO flip-flops!). For outdoor positions  please remember to be SUN SAFE (sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats) and stay Green by bringing your own water bottle.
  • On the day of The Prouty, if there is anything you are uncomfortable or unhappy with, please let us know. Talk to your supervisor. If they’re not available, come to the Volunteer Tent or call the Prouty helpline at (800) 226-8744.
  • Volunteers are expected to work hard and be responsible but ALSO to have fun!There is a wonderfully positive atmosphere at The Prouty and we want you to feel a part of it. You are welcome to attend the Friday night pasta dinner. Refreshments at the event are available if you volunteer on Saturday, July 8. Your volunteer T-shirt will gain clearance into the food tent.


Prouty Volunteer shift examples:

  • The following list represents examples of some of the many volunteer jobs we need help with at The Prouty™. Jobs marked with asterisks indicate current top-priority needs so please consider these first and spread the word to your friends who may be able to help, too.
    • *Pre-Prouty event ambassadors:Help us get the word out far and wide before the event the more folks who do The Prouty, the more money that gets raised for cancer research and patient services.
    • *Parking Attendants:Direct cars in parking lots not the most glamorous job, but one of the most essential. There are many shifts to cover so please consider this assignment if you can.
    • *Supply Movers:On a weekday two weeks prior to The Prouty (date tbd) and the Monday and Tuesday following, we need help lifting boxes of supplies in and out of box trucks. Must have transportation to meet us at DHMC and/or Richmond Middle School.
    • *On-site Check-in:Check-in participants, collect donations and assign bibs at RMS. Computer skills are necessary.Training required. Shifts ~ 4 hour minimum. To learn more please contact Frye@valley.net
    • *Food Tent:On Friday, July 13, between the hours of 9am-5pm we need help with a variety of tasks such as moving and sorting supplies (cups, plates, silverware) and food for the pasta dinner party that feeds more than 1,600 participates and volunteers.
    • *Green Team Volunteers:Many hands make the greening of The Prouty (less landfill more compost!) possible. Waste station attendants inform and guide participants about which bins to put what waste product in; collectors wheel a cart around and collect filled bags; sorters remove improperly placed products from the filled bags while wearing gloves and aprons.
    • HAM Radio Operators:Are always needed to keep The Prouty as safe as possible. Please contact Dave Colter at DBColter@myfairpoint.net and enter your call sign when you register on this website.
    • Yellow Ribbon Table & Raffle Table Volunteers:Assist participants in writing yellow ribbon tributes in honor of loved ones or help fill out raffle tickets for our survivor or children’s free door prize raffles. These are seated jobs that are great for volunteers with physical limitations. If you are able to be mobile and active, please look at our other jobs so that we can have something for everyone who wants to help.
    • ProutyGear Distributors:Help participants redeem the points they have earned through their exceptional fundraising for ProutyGear, such as a Prouty tote or bike shirt. The ProutyGear area is located in the RMS gym adjacent to Registration. Experience preferred and training required.
    • Safety, Signage, and Watermelons on the Bike Routes:If you have a car, can lift watermelons, and have a lot of time to devote to The Prouty on Friday, July 13 and/or Saturday, July 14, please consider these tasks along the Prouty routes.


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